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Ticket Buyer FAQ

What do i do if i’ve lost my tickets print-at-home tickets or accidentally deleted them?

If you’ve lost your print-at-home tickets you should search your email for “Ticketbooth Receipt” and see if you still have the receipt, if you can’t find your tickets in your email visit and use your email to login (if you can’t remember your password or didn’t assign one) you can reset your password underneath the login screen. If you’re still unable to access your tickets email The email is monitored at all hours and someone should be able to offer assistance.

I have a Ticketbooth charge on my credit card but didn’t purchase any tickets.

Contact us immediately at with the transaction date, transaction amount and your card type. We’ll have someone look into for you straight away and respond either via email or phone.

Help! I can’t process my order.

There could be several reasons for an order not processing correctly. When you have a problem in the purchase process Ticketbooth informs you of the problem by a notice which appears in a red bar at the top of the screen.

How do i get a refund on tickets purchased.

All tickets purchased are non-refundable or non-transferable. This means we are unable to process refunds on tickets. Tickets must be treated like cash, if they are lost or stolen there is no recourse for a refund. If a show has been cancelled by the promoters, Ticketbooth will email you explaining this and the card used to make the purchase will be automatically refunded.

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