Frequently Asked Questions

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"I won’t be able to print my tickets." Will they allow me entry to the event?

Some organisers allow barcode to be scanned using your mobile phones. Some of them requires the physical ticket. If you are unsure about what to… READ MORE

How can I upgrade my ticket?

Because we value your security, TicketBooth does not store your financial information in our system therefore we will not be able to create additional charge… READ MORE

"Ticketbooth charged me twice. I have a duplicate transaction." Can I get a refund?

You are entitled for a full refund if upon investigation we found out that it is indeed a duplicate charge / transaction. Refund will be… READ MORE

I want a refund.

Unfortunately, all ticket sales through Ticketbooth are final as stated in the Ticketbooth's Terms and Conditions of sale and there are no refunds on tickets… READ MORE

Are there available tickets at the venue?

Ticketbooth has a Box Office feature where the organiser can process door tickets paid by either cash or card. Sale of door tickets depend per… READ MORE