10 Things Every Ticketing Systems Need To Have

Choosing an event ticketing company can be tricky. The financial success of your event often directly depends on how many tickets you sell. To help you choose the right ticketing operator for you, please take into consideration these 10 features your ticketing system must have.

1. Easy To Use

For Your Team

Your ticketing platform must be easy to use for you and your staff. The navigation process needs to be intuitive and setting up your event should be simple and only take a couple of minutes. Also, pulling out reports and general housekeeping like modifying events or ticket prices should be a stress-free process and not require any prior training.

Ideally, it should be web based to avoid the pain of downloading software on your computer. As an event organiser, you are likely to be often going places and need to be able to access your ticketing platform anywhere and on any device.

For Your Attendees

Your ticketing platform will directly contribute to your attendees’ online user experience. They shouldn’t be struggling to register for your event, purchase tickets or find details on the venue.

2. Customisable

Your event page must look appealing to your potential attendees and represent your branding. Therefore it is really important to have a ticketing system allowing you to customise your page. Look for ticketing companies offering easy design options so that anyone in your company will be able to make changes. Besides, make sure you can custom the URL for your event.

3. Mobile Friendly

The use of mobile devices and tablets keep increasing and people are more connected than ever. So your event page must have a responsive design. Your potential customers should be able to visit your page, register and purchase tickets from any devices. A non-responsive page can cost you to lose attendees.

4. Reporting Tools

Reports and audits help you make the best event decisions, so make sure your ticketing company provides you access to all sort of data. This could be insight in sales breakdown, activity reports and registration overview.

5. Social Media & Analytics Integrations

It should be a socially integrated ticketing platform. Because you’ll want your users to easily share your event on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms. Also, it is a good idea to get a system that will allow you to integrate your ticket sales with the marketing services you are already using, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. As a result, you will be able to track the conversion of your campaigns.

6. Access Money Upfront

Some ticketing companies wait until after the event to transfer you the money you earned by selling your tickets. If you do not want to make expenses for weeks, you’ll need the option of having the money from the transactions go directly into your bank account.

7. Multiple Events and Prices Options

Multiple Events

If you intend to run multiple events alongside, this is a good feature to have. Besides, depending on the size of your event, make sure the ticketing platform does not require a minimum of attendees.

Multiple Price Options

The ticketing system should accommodate your need to set different types of pricing for your tickets.

8. Integrated Email Platform

Can you send updates to your attendees directly from the ticketing platform? It is convenient, simple and will save you a lot of time.

9. Security

Your ticketing company must regularly undergo security reviews and be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

10. Customer Support

It is essential to have a dedicated contact person that will offer you support and on who you can rely on if things are not going as planned. Look for a ticketing company that will provide you great customer support and be there to resolve any problem you might encounter.

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