5 Reasons to Visit Real Bodies The Exhibition in Sydney

Have you ever wondered what your body looks like from the inside? Imagine if you could see into the inner workings of the human body, with all of its tiny details.

Now you can! With Real Bodies The Exhibition, you’ll get the opportunity to witness 20 perfectly preserved real human bodies dissected to showcase the inner workings of the human body in this captivating exhibition based within the Entertainment Quarter of Sydney’s Moore Park.

Looking for a little more info? Here are five reasons to head down and visit Real Bodies The Exhibition whilst it’s in town…

#1 – It’s a perfect day out with the kids

Exploring the questions about what it means to be human, Real Bodies The Exhibition is a fascinating way to show children the intricacies of the human body.

Your little ones will be amazed as you walk through the exhibition, giving you a great opportunity to answer those all important questions, such as: ‘What are we made of?’ ‘How do our bodies function?’ ‘What happens when we sleep?’ And all the other questions children frequently ask!

Children are naturally curious about their bodies and how they are growing, but they very often find it hard to imagine what’s underneath their skin. For the first time, Real Bodies The Exhibition helps them to understand why their knee bleeds when they fall over, or how all of their bones are arranged and connected together.

Kids will be awed by what really goes on inside their bodies as they walk around the life-size human structures. Plus, with a take-home activities guide, you can continue the educational experience beyond the walls of the exhibition! The exhibition is suitable for most ages, however we suggest that children aged 4 years and over will be the ones to get the most out of the experience.

#2 – Learn about things that interest you

Real Bodies The Exhibition is an educational and entertaining visit for everyone. Walking you through the functions of breathing, hunger, sleep rhythms and more, you’ll get a real insight into every aspect of the human biological experience.

Interested in nutrition and eating well? Make sure to check out the ‘Hunger’ gallery. This gallery explores the ins and outs of how we break down foods and liquids into nutrients and energy, but also features enlightening scenic installations related to our hunting and gathering past.

Are you a smoker? Check out the ‘Breathe’ gallery, where you can explore the respiratory system, see a striking example of smoker’s lungs, and discover the significance of the breath in religions around the world.

Got a bad knee? Explore the ‘Move’ gallery, and the human muscular system – a truly complex machine. This gallery presents specimens in active poses, giving guests the chance to see up close what their body is doing when moving through space.

#3 – A great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge

Get up close and personal with the human anatomy as you travel through eleven galleries of real human bodies. Perfect for doctors, nurses, emergency responders, yoga instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and anyone who works with the human body in any way, Real Bodies The Exhibition is an ideal opportunity to test your knowledge and boost your skills.

The bodies on display have undergone a process called plastination and are precisely dissected, allowing for a detailed view of bones, arteries, capillaries, ligaments, and all the complex systems that make up the human form. There are over 200 anatomical specimens in the exhibition, so this is a once-in-a lifetime chance to see so many biological parts up close – something that many professions will only do for the first time when they set foot in the real-life workplace.

What’s more, you can take photos of all of the plastinates which means that you can refer back to them when making your medical notes for your studies! Check them out at #realbodiesau.

#4 – Be inspired

Unlike other exhibitions of its kind, Real Bodies goes beyond just anatomy, also exploring the emotional and cultural narratives that surround each bodily system. Focusing on the resilience, creativity and philosophical that humans have shown over time, this journey of human evolution will inspire visitors to do more with the life and body they have been given.

Starting with ‘Beginnings’, you’ll see the human body and form take shape during the first stages of life. The story then moves through the development of both body and emotional functions, as the ‘Love’ gallery details the emotional, cultural, and biological elements of love in a compelling and moving display.

‘Rhythm’ focuses on the human drumbeat: the heart, allowing you to witness close to 100,000 miles of real and preserved arteries, capillaries and veins that run through our bodies. This striking gallery offers artistic displays that take you inside the circulatory system, with all its intricate facets.

Towards the end of the exhibition, you’ll view the beautiful ‘What becomes of Us’, a moving tribute to how cultures have honoured the physical death of the body throughout history.

Come away from the exhibition with a fresh outlook on life, how your body works, and be inspired to put these powers to good use.

#5 – It’s only available for a limited time!

Seen by millions people around the world, the stunning Real Bodies The Exhibition will be at Byron Kennedy Hall for a limited time only; so grab your tickets soon!

Brought to you by Imagine Exhibitions, a leader in worldwide travelling entertainment, Real Bodies The Exhibition brings the best possible experience to guests of all ages. Imagine Exhibitions currently produces and tours over 30 exhibitions in museums, science centres, aquariums, integrated resort properties and non-traditional venues throughout the world.

Based in Moore Park, in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter, the exhibition is easy to get to by all forms of transport. Situated immediately adjacent to the Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium, Fox Studios, the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries, the Entertainment Quarter also offers ample public parking for over 2000 cars.

For those of you travelling by bus, the exhibition is located ten minutes by bus from the CBD, Central Station and Bondi Junction.

Sell outs for the event are expected, grab your tickets at http://www.realbodiesexhibition.com.au/

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind exhibition; book your tickets today!

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