The Best 4 Event Management Software You Should Be Using


When it comes to properly planning and managing a project or event, some would say that keeping everything organized is the key to success. Whether your team members are working together in the same building or far away from each other in completely different parts of the world, keeping regular communication is required for effective collaboration and continuous productivity.

Teams need a way to monitor work flow, assign work, and more, and until somewhat recently, company employees and virtual team members have communicated mainly via emails or instant messages. Though this system may still work for some, it can be both time consuming and even confusing, especially when you’re dealing with lots of people on a team or contacts at different companies. Although, these are merely a few of the many reasons why you need to try the ‘new’ way to manage tasks and plan your next event today.

Some of the Benefits to Using Event Management Software

  •  Provides a clear view of everything that needs to be done
  •  Lets you specify who is in charge of what
  •  Allows you to specify due dates
  •  Provides all team members with an oversight of the big picture without getting bombarded with unnecessary or irrelevant info
  •  Awesome for audit trails when things have gone wrong
  •  They can be very cost effective (cheap!)
  •  Allows easy file management
  •  Projects can be duplicated for recurring events, so you don’t overlook anything the next time around

Some of the Options

Though there are several options, not all project management programs are created equal; therefore, they don’t all do the exact same things. Yet, you’ll find that many of them are similar in the way they function. So, since there are varying prices and differing features, in order to help out, here are the links to a few reputable software management programs along with a little bit of the latest info about them.



This is one of the widely used project management programs for many reasons. It’s easy to use and offers instant messaging plus file storage, so it’s useful for the purpose of communicating and more. Some of the things you can do include keeping discussions, storing and organizing files, laying out milestones and deadlines, and you can even create notes to save as files, which can be attached to a project page.

Though they offer every customer their first Basecamp for FREE, there are actually 3 other levels of membership. It just depends upon what sort of service you need. Plus, they have a brand new version that was just released in November 2015.



Asana puts tasks and conversations in one place, which allows your team to use less email. It offers real-time interaction, so if a team member adds a comment to a specific task, others are notified instantly. A key feature is its simplicity, as it provides a basic infrastructure that can be used in several ways, but its most obvious use is task management.

As with most task management systems, there are of course different levels of service to select from. What’s nice is that teams of 15 members or less can use the system for FREE unlimitedly with the option to upgrade for more people and/or access to additional features.



This is the messaging app of choice for many businesses because it is both reliable and real easy to use. It actually offers different chat “channels” as well as direct messages, which allows you to neatly organize your team conversations. You can make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything and each member sees only what they ‘need’ to. Plus it also allows file uploading and sharing, as most of these programs do.

This is another one that has a FREE version for small teams. Though it’s limited to 10,000 messages a month, they also offer unlimited evaluation of the system. Beyond that, pricing starts at $6.67 per user per month for unlimited messages. In fact, they’re currently offering a deal where if you sign-up now, you’ll get $100.00 credit to use towards Slack, who will also be unveiling a new ‘Enterprise’ membership option in early 2016.



This one is geared for the more serious user, so if you’re looking for an amped-up version of the other options, this would probably be it. In fact, it’s more like a total business management system because it offers things such as time tracking and budgeting and can even generate detailed reports such as expenses and more.

They also offer 3 different levels of monthly service, yet none are forever free. But, you can get a complimentary trial of the ‘Teams’ management software, which should hopefully be enough time to test it out.

After some further research and review, it really is up to you to determine which project management software will work the best for your team. But, once you do choose the right one and get things setup and running, you’ll find that organizing and getting things done will be easier than ever. So, go ahead and get more organized by using project management software for your next big event. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to get done!

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