Ticketbooth bolsters leadership within Australian exhibitions market, partnering with global pioneer in worldwide traveling entertainment as event ticketing and marketing provider

Sydney startup turned one of Australia’s largest ticketing companies, Ticketbooth, has today announced its partnership with Imagine Exhibitions as their ticketing provider for Real Bodies The Exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

Real Bodies The Exhibition, which displays 20 perfectly preserved human bodies and over 200 anatomical specimens, has been seen by millions worldwide and provides fascinating insights into the wonders of the human body.

While Real Bodies The Exhibition is not the first major exhibition that chooses to sell tickets online with Ticketbooth, the opportunity to work on such a high-volume event with Imagine Exhibitions has allowed Ticketbooth to showcase their newest features that set the platform apart from competitors:

  • Advanced event marketing tools: Real Bodies The Exhibition used Audiencetools, Ticketbooth’s high-end event marketing software, to manage its pre-sale registration and promotion. They have joined thousands of events professionals around the world who already use Audiencetools to promote their events online, grow their audience and gain valuable data insights.
  • Live box office software and ticket scanning: With Ticketbooth, guests enjoy the ability to purchase via phone on the way to the event, or at the box office on arrival, and having a ticket instantly emailed or printed for them. This real-time operation streamlines ticket sales and speeds up admissions at the gates, all whilst presenting live data back to the event organiser.

Interested in visiting the exhibition? Tickets are available online via Ticketbooth or at the box office.

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