Boosted Tix

Meet the Event Promotion Software designed to sell you more tickets

Set up your promoters with easy access to track their online sales. Promoters will earn commission or prizes as incentives and can compete against their peers through a ranking on an internal leaderboard.

Event Marketing Of The 21st Century

Reserved for qualified ticketing clients, Boosted Tix really is the event promotion platform of the future. Designed for festivals, exhibitions and venues, Boosted Tix makes managing a fleet of promoters simple for anyone.

Simple Commission Management

Boosted Tix allows you to generate coupons or trackable links for your entire promoter database. Specify commissions or rewards programs and Boosted Tix will take care of the rest. Promoter Profiles, Management, and even rewards badges can encourage them to promote harder.

Fully customisable login, signup and promoter admin ensures the platform remains all about your event(s) or venue. Simply assign a promoter to any event under your Ticketbooth login to allow them to start promoting.

Auto Promoter Signup

Allow new promoters to register themselves and fill in their details. Or you can simply upload a CSV to our system.

Email On Signup

Promoters will receive an automatic
email inviting them as a promoter.

Promoters will have access to view their online sales and compare their progress against their peers on our custom engineered leaderboard.

Live sales and profile page

Live commission stats and option to setup your profile to accept payment.

Weekly email updates

Weekly emails keep your promoters updated with their sales, act as a reminder and offer tips on generating more sales.