Adding An Event Poster To Your Event Page

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The following article will show you how to add an event poster to your event description, It requires you to have access to the admin panel to make the addition.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1 : Log into your Ticketbooth Admin Panel at

Use the email and username you have either chosen or have been assigned by a Ticketbooth representative. If you have forgotten your password select “Forgot Your Password” at the bottom of the square in the middle.

Ticketbooth Admin Login

Step 2 : Once you have successfully logged in select the Events from the menu bar at the top of the screen.


Step 3 : Select the pencil button on the right hand side of the event you wish to add the poster to. Alternatively if you haven’t created the event yet skip this step and select the Create Event  button instead.


Step 4 : Go to Listing and click Image Upload. Select the image file from your computer or drag the photo. Click Save and Continue once finished.

Your event poster will now be displayed on your event page’s description. 

*Alternatively, the Event Thumbnail can also be set to be displayed on the event description. After uploading the thumbnail, check Display image on event listing, then click Save and Continue to finish. The displayed image will always be at the top of the event description and the image resizing is not possible compared to uploading it directly in the event description.


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