Change your Event Settings (Advanced)

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Customise your event page even more with Ticketbooth’s advanced settings.

Make modifications to various customer-facing features, including your event listing, checkout process and [email protected] tickets, using these advanced customizations. Do not make any adjustments if you’re uncertain as to what will be modified.

Any changes you made to the Default Advanced Settings will automatically be set on this event. You can turn any setting off or on, and even override the default, during this step.

You can change the advanced event settings under the Event Overview.

1. Hide Event Time – allows you to hide the Event time on the Event Page and Receipt.
1Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.14.47 PM
2. Hide Event Date & Time  – allows you to hide the event DATE and TIME on ticketing page and on receipt.
2Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.14.53 PM
3. Hide Venue Info – allows you to hide the venue info (name/address) on ticketing page and print-at-home ticket.
3Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.13.05 PM
4. Hide “X days Away” – allows you to hide the countdown on the ticketing page of the number of days left until event date.
4Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.14.59 PM
5. Hide Calendar Link – Hides the calendar icon on the ticketing page.
5Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.15.04 PM
6. Hide Age Limit – Hides the age limit on the ticketing page.
6Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.15.13 PM
7. Hide Price Range – hides the ticket price range on ticketing page.
7Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.15.19 PM
8. Hide “Best Available” – For seated events. Hides the “Best Available” option in the Purchase Tickets Box, forcing customers to choose a section of the venue to purchase tickets for.
8Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.15.26 PM
9. Hide “Pre-Sale Date” – For events that have Pre-sale code applied, the Purchase Tickets box will inform ticket buyers of the event’s on-sale date. Enabling this will hide the “on-sale” date in the purchase tickets box.
To learn more about how to create pre-sale codes, Click Here.
9Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.15.33 PM
10. Presale Instruction Text – Customize the instructional text your customer see in the purchase tickets box during an event’s presale.
10Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.46.00 PM
11. Presale Placeholder Text – Customize the placeholder text your customer see in the PreSale code input box during an event’s presale.
11Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.46.07 PM
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