Change/Set How Many Tickets A Customer Can Buy Of A Particular Price Level

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This tutorial will show you how to increase the amount of tickets a customer can purchase of a specific ticket type on one transaction.
For popular events limiting the amount of tickets they can purchase will help ensure more of your customer base will have a chance at securing tickets when they go on sale.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your admin panel by visiting

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.07.44 PM

Step 2: Select the ‘Events’ tab at the top of the admin panel.

Note: You can also edit the event by clicking the ‘pencil’ icon on the Admin Dashboard.

Step 3: Select the event which you would like to edit by clicking the edit button (pencil).

Step 4: Go to Inventory

Step 5: Select the edit button (pencil) next to the price level / ticket type you’d like to adjust the amount of tickets that can be purchased in one transaction for.

Step 7: Then change the “Min. Tickets per Order / Max Tickets per Order” to how many tickets you would like your customers to be able to purchase of the one transaction. Press “Save Price Level” to finalise your changes.


Under Inventory, the “Master” Max. Tickets per Transaction can be changed to set a maximum per-order limit for all ticket price levels. If you set a limit to each of your price levels, make sure to leave the master at default as it will changed all the limit for all price levels regardless of your input in each price level.

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