Creating A Bundle

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About Bundles

A bundle is often a group of tickets for the same event sold together as a single item in a transaction. Bundles can also include products (e.g., merchandise) sold with tickets as a single item. Bundles are different from event packages in that packages are groups of tickets to multiple events sold together.
Please note: This feature is not available for all members. If you are interested in creating event packages, contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]
Creating a New Bundle
Bundles are created under Inventory of the event setup process.


Ticketbooth creating a bundle

Adding a Bundle

Under Inventory, create all price levels to be included in the bundle. Add a Bundle to add groups of event tickets to be sold together as an individual package. Then, you’ll need to enter details about the bundle.
  • Bundle Name. Enter the name of the bundle. This name is visible to customers.
  • Description. Enter any brief, additional details about the bundle.
  • Limit. Enter the maximum number of bundles of this type that can be purchased in a single order.
  • Inventory. This specifies the amount of bundles available, this is usually determined by the inventory of your price levels attached but can be set lower.
  • Multiple ticket holders. This will determine if you would like to ask questions and names for each ticket in the bundle (useful if you wanted to sell 10 seats to a ball or something similar).
  • Status. Click to select whether this price level is available.
  • Scroll through the selected events and select a quantity of tickets from any of them to be included in this bundle.
  • Online Price. Enter the bundle face value to be listed on the event page.
  • Box Office Price. Enter the bundle face value for tickets sold at the box office.
  • Click outside of the price field (but inside the bundle popup) before you click Submit.
  • Click save bundle to confirm the details.
  • Repeat the steps to create any other bundles (packages) to list on your event package page.

Managing Bundles

  • By default, these bundles appear on the page in the order they were created. To edit the order of the bundles on the page, click Edit on the bundle you would like to appear at the bottom of the list. Save the bundle again — you don’t have to actually edit anything — and repeat the process for the bundle you would like to appear above the last one, et al.
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