Creating A Facebook Tab For Selling Tickets

Permissions to connect to a Facebook Page isn’t a default permission for your account, if this is something you need contact support.

Click Here To Contact Ticketbooth Support To Have Facebook Tab Connect Enabled

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The following procedure outlines how to create a facebook tab for your facebook page which will allow you to sell tickets via your facebook page.

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your Ticketbooth Admin Panel at

Use the email and username you have either chosen or have been assigned by your ticketbooth representative. If you have forgotten your password select “Forgot Your Password” at the bottom of the square in the middle.

Ticketbooth Admin

Step 2 : Select the Marketing button at the top of the online ticketing admin panel. 

Step 3: Select Facebook Checkout from the options below selecting the blue button.

Step 4: Connect your Facebook to the Ticketbooth admin if you haven’t already done so.

Step 5: Select the Facebook Page you would like to show the online ticketing tab on and click install.

Step 6: Follow the steps to grant access to your official Facebook Page.

Step 7: Click Customize to adjust the appearance of your facebook page (by default Ticketbooth will install a theme to match Facebook’s colour scheme)

Change the following customization options depending on your event branding

  • Show Template Header. Choose whether to display the header from your template in your Facebook Page Checkout.
  • Show Venue Name. Choose whether to display the venue name in the checkout widget. We recommend hiding the venue name if all your events take place at the same venue.
  • Override Event Template. Select Yes to override individual event templates when using your checkout widget. If you use a variety of custom templates across your events, this feature can help you standardise the appearance of your events in the checkout widget on your facebook page.
  • Begin on calendar view. Select Yes to display calendar view by default in your Facebook Page Tab. Choosing No will display the list view by default. We recommend setting this to No if your only running a small number of events.
  • Show Events List. Select Yes to display all your upcoming events by default in the tab. Select No to open a new option which allows you to specify which event to display to when customers/attendees visit your facebook tab. Please note your customers will still be able to see all your events by pressing the “View All Events” button at the top of the tab. This simply changes what happens when they first view your tab.
  • Use Category Colors. Select Yes to use our default array of colors for upcoming events in the calendar view. If you choose not to activate this option, the calendar will display the colour associated with each event’s individual template.
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