Creating A Template (Theme/Brand Your Event)

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About Templates

Create a customized page template to add your colors, logo and social media connections to a Ticketbooth event page. Once you have created a template, you can apply it to multiple events or use separate, unique templates for individual events.

Once you have created templates, you can adjust and select the template for a specific event on the Event Overview page for any event.




Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Log into your admin panel
2. Select Manage in the top navigation bar.
3. Select Add Template to create a template.


4. Complete the template fields as described below.

  • Color Scheme – Select a starting color scheme for the page. You can override these colors and background styles with the other options below.
  • Preview – See a basic preview of the color scheme for the elements on the page.
  • Name – Enter a name for your template to keep track of it later. You may want to use the name of the event to which you intend to apply the template.
  • Primary Color – Click the field and select a color. The Primary Color applies to the frame of the main window and the box where users select tickets.
  • Secondary Color – Click the field and select a color. The Secondary Color changes the color of the event description text.
  • Background Color – Click the field and select a color. The Background Color applies to the background area of the page, which remains static as visitors scroll down.
  • Header Image – Upload an image to place as the header of the page. (We recommend using an image at a width of 850px.)
  • Background Image – Upload an image to place in the background of the page. This image will override the Background Color setting.
  • Background Repeat – Choose whether the background image should repeat across the page. This will create a tiled effect for the image you uploaded.
  • Background Position – Choose whether the background image should be centered or aligned to one side of the page.
  • Background Attachment – Choose whether to anchor the image at the top of the page or to make the image scroll with the content of the page.
  • Show Facebook – Add a small Facebook button and allow your visitors to like and share your page.
  • Show Twitter – Add a small Twitter button and allow your visitors to tweet the event page.
  • Allow Social Commenting – Select whether Facebook comments will appear on the event pages that use this template.
  • Show Who’s Going – Add a section to show customers who have purchased tickets to the event.
  • Hide Venue Map Link – Hide the map that links to the venue on the event page.
  • Make This My Default Template – Apply this as the default template for all newly created events & also sets this theme active for your upcoming events page.

5. Click ‘Save’ to save your template.

6. Once back on the Template screen, select the template that you would like use and then click ‘Assign Scheme’ on the top left.

7. In the Assign Scheme pop up, select the events you would like to use your chosen template on and then click ‘Make Selection’.

8. Your template will now be live on your event page.

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