Credit Card Processing Errors – Stripe

This article below lists some of the errors that your customers may see when trying to purchase tickets to your events while you’re using Stripe. This list is by no means complete and may change from time to time.

Credit Card Processor Error: The zip code you supplied failed validation

This error is due to a customers credit card failing a zip code code verification (AVS). Depending on what country you’re using Stripe you may have zip code verification activated. When zip code verifications are activated Stripe will cross-reference the zip code supplied by the user in the checkout vs the zip code their bank has on file. In the event that the zip code supplied does not match the zip code on file Stripe will block the transaction returning a “Credit Card Processor Error: The zip code you supplied failed validation”.

In the event that an unacceptable amount of your customers are seeing this error you have the option to disable Zip Code Verification in the stripe admin panel which will allow mismatches to still purchase tickets. This does however reduce the ability for stripe to verify card holders and may result in a higher rate of chargebacks.

Instructions for disable Zip Code Verification can be found on Stripe’s website.

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