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You will need to create an event in the Ticketbooth admin before you can begin to sell any tickets, Ticketbooth allows you to create several different types of events in the system which will provide a slightly different experience to ticket buyers to make the purchasing process more streamlined.

The three types of events that are available are:

  • Single Event. The most common event type single events are designed for a once off type of event such as a festival, exhibition or music event. It provides the most streamlined experience for attendees for events of this type.
  • Series Event. Series events are designed when an event has multiple screenings, times or dates. It will allow you to make changes across a range of events by updating the parent event.
  • Package Event. An event package allows you to bundle several events together and provide a discount on a group of tickets.


Once an event is on sale you won’t be able to change its type, so if you’re unsure of what type you’d like to use contact [email protected]

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