Guest List FAQ

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What’s new on the Guest List?

This popular tool has been given a minor update to improve usability. Primarily, we have added a couple of small features that will make using the guest list viable on a tablet for the first time. Below is a short list of the main updates:


Remove the sidebar. Use the Toggle Sidebar option to remove and re-add the sidebar to the page. The extra screen real estate is perfect for using the guest list on a tablet.

Easier filtering. The search bar has been given a more generous location in the status section.

Add notes. You can add notes to individual orders directly on this page. When toggled on, the notes (Comments) column will also import any existing notes on the order.

Sort columns. You can alphabetically sort any of the tables. Just click the top field of any column in the customer barcode table. Status redesign. The status section of the guest list has been placed front and center to conveniently display your scan information at a glance. The status section also sticks at the top of your browser window as you scroll the page to browse your orders and barcodes.

hl2 Larger barcode buttons. Each barcode has been redesigned into a larger button on the guest list. This makes for better visibility and easier tapping on a tablet’s touch screen

Navigation changes. Now you can access Scan Stats from this page, and we’ve edited the Export Tickets button to Export Guests for consistency with other areas of the Admin

USB scanner update. If your cursor is on the Filter search bar, and you tap a ticket with an external USB scanner, the ticket will not be automatically scanned — instead, the search bar will search for the barcode you have scanned

For orders without an associated customer name, [Name Not Given] will appear in the First Name column on the guest list.

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