How To Swap Customer’s Ticket

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There are times when Customers contact us and request to have their ticket swapped to another date/time or to upgrade their tickets.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Use the Quick Search tool located on the top left corner of the admin page and enter the customer information and then click on the customer name you wish to view.


Step 2: Click on the Sale ID and you will be directed to the Sale details.


Step 3: Click on “Swap Tickets” located on the top pane of the Sale details.


Step 4: Under the Order Info at the left hand side of the page, select the Event you wish to swap tickets to.

4Choose event

Step 5: Once you have Selected the event you wish to swap the tickets to, the Customer’s current tickets will appear at the right hand side of the Page. Select the tickets you need to swap.


Step 6: After you’ve selected the tickets to be swapped, tick on the box to notify the customer of the swap. The customer will receive an email about the swap. Once done, click on Save & Continue.


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