Integrating Apple Pay into Ticketbooth Checkout

Our brand new Apple Pay integration streamlines the checkout process, giving customers more ways to pay and another reason to hit ‘buy’ on your ticketing page. Our integration with Apple Pay is designed to increase conversion on event pages by locking in sales from loyal iPhone users who occasionally back out of purchases when Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

How do I add apple pay to my event?: Apple pay is available for sellers that process sales through their own Stripe, in order to add this new payment method to your event it requires a some setup. Follow the steps below to begin the setup.

Step 1- Login into Stripe

Step 2- Select Payments and then Apple Pay from the sidebar, once selected click “View Apple’s Terms of Service” to Accept

Step 3- Under “Developers” select API keys. You will be able to see your “Publishable Key” and your “Secret key”

Step 4- Send an email to client support at [email protected]. Include in this email that you would like to have Apple Pay activated on your account and provide a copy of the “Publishable Key” and the “Secret key” to client support staff.


If you have any questions about the process please contact [email protected]. Please note that we are unable to complete the steps above for you as we do not have access to your Stripe account. For any Stripe related issues please contact Stripe support.

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