Refunding A Customer’s Order

Permissions to refund an order isn’t a default permission for your account, if this is something you need contact support. It is only granted to those who use their own Merchant (Paypal, Stripe)

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Finding the specific customer’s sale in the CRM.

Please view the article “View and Edit Customer Information” for instructions on how to find a specific order.

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Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Use the Quick Search tool located on the top left corner of the admin page and enter the customer information and then click on the customer name you wish to view.


Note: You can also search for customers under the Customer tab located on the top of the admin panel and then use search on the top of the menu bar.

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the ‘Edit Order’ option to see the dropdown.


Step 3: Click on “Refund This Order”.

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Fully Refunding Customer’s Order.

A pop-up box will appear, you can now refund the entire order.

Service Fees are generally non-refundable.

We also suggest you leave a note as all refunds will be logged and can therefore be audited.

Note: A refund cannot be processed against a credit card until the funds have settled. This process may take up to three business days after payment is made depending on the payment gateway used. You may still submit the refund and it will process after the funds have settled. An email will be sent when the refund is successfully processed.


Partially Refunding A Customer’s Order.

Partially refunding an order will allow you to refund a partial amount of the order, this is the best way to cancel one ticket from an order of multiple tickets.

Step 1: Clicking “No” allows you to edit the amount that you want to refund. In cases where there are multiple tickets, check the ticket/s you want to grant refund.


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Step 2: Apply Preset to quickly set refund to 100%, 50% or 25% of the total amount or type the amount on the refund field. When you are done, Click “Submit Request”


Note: Submitting a refund will not cancel any tickets on the order. You need to cancel the ticket to invalidate the barcodes on any ticket they have received stopping them from being able to redeemed.

See Cancelling Customer’s Order

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