Reserve Seats For An Event

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Your event requires a seating plan to be added prior to going on sale. Contact your account manager to have a seating plan added

Ticketbooth allows you to reserve seats either to make the unavailable for sale or require users to enter a “reserved” code to purchase reserved tickets.

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Go to Events and click the title of the event that you’d like to reserve seats for.

Step 2: Click  View Inventory.

This will take you to the seating setup screen allowing you to reserve seats, leave seat notes and view sales information for specific seats.

“Toggle Available/Unavailable”

This is the quickest way to reserve or open selected seats to the public. Click Toogle Available/Unavailable and you can reserve seats by clicking on seats inside the seating plan. Once reserved, the color of the seat will turn black indicating it’s not available. Clicking it again, makes it available.

Manage Hold Types

Assigning a hold type to your seated event is a more organized way to categorized the seats you reserve in the backend. Click Manage Hold Type, name it and assign a hold color and click Submit.

Click Add/Remove Seat Holds and select the hold type you created and click submit.

You can then now click the seats to be reserved in your seated event and it will be assigned to your specific hold type. Reserved seats using the hold type will be assigned into the color assigned in the hold type, the number of seats held will be counted in the right side as well.

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