Updating Ticket Price Levels

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This article shows how to adjust a ticket price level, you will be able to change Price, Quantity, Name and whether it is active or not (hidden).

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your admin panel by visiting http://admin.ticketbooth.com.au

Ticketbooth admin login page

Step 2: Select the ‘Events’ tab at the top of the admin panel.

Select events page

Step 3: Select the event which you would like to edit.

Select the event

Step 4: Hover to edit and click Inventory.

Step 6: Select which price level you’ll edit (pencil icon).

Step 7: You have access to modify the following fields.

  • Price Level Name. Enter the name of the price level. This name is visible to customers.
  • Price Level Type. Fixed Price is the standard, Name You Price will allow your customers to choose to pay a price for tickets (you can set a minimum and suggested amount for them).
  • Online Price. Enter the ticket face value to be listed on the event page.
  • Box Office Price. Enter the ticket face value for tickets sold at the box office.
  • Quantity Available. Enter the maximum number of tickets available for this price level.
  • Per Order Limit. Enter the maximum number of tickets for this price level that can be purchased in a single order.
  • Active. Click to select whether this price level is available.
  • Description. Enter any brief, additional details about the price level.


Step 8: Save Price Level.

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