Using Paypal To Collect Funds Immediately

The following outlines how to setup a Paypal account to receive funds directly so that you can use ticket sales as cash flow for your event.

Step 1: Create a Paypal account at or if you have one already got to step 2.

Step 2: If you are a business and therefore have an ABN you will need to set up a business account with Paypal. Follow the pictures below.

Select the cog in the top right of Paypal.

Then under account options select “Upgrade to a business account”.


Otherwise, if you don’t have an ABN select a premier account, you can create a premier account instead. To sign up for a premier account follow this link to signup and fill in the information.

Step 3: Fill in your details to create your account, be as accurate as possible as you may be required to provide documentation to Paypal confirming these details at a later date.

Step 4: Check the email address you signed up with and make sure you activate your account as per the email instructions.

Step 5: Once your account has been activated go to your homepage (the first screen you should see when you log in). Then click the profile button at the top of the screen.

Step 6: Then select “selling tools” on the left-hand side and press “update” on the API access section as seen in the picture

Step 7: Then select Option 2: Request API Credentials.

Step 8: Then select Request API Signature then agree and confirm.

Step 9: Once the API Signature has been retrieved please contact [email protected] so we can send you the form to it link it to your account.


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