Using Stripe as your merchant option with Ticketbooth

STRIPE is an online merchant provider who allows you to accept secure credit card payments online, with payments to go directly to your bank account. For Stripes full terms of service please visit :HTTPS://STRIPE.COM/AU/TERMS

Please note: Ticketbooth is in no way, shape or form associated with Stripe.

So how does Stripe work with Ticketbooth? 

All funds will flow directly through to your local bank account via the Stripe platform, including the service fee to use the Ticketbooth platform. We will invoice you on a fortnightly/monthly basis to collect our service fee from your account.

Is the service fee still charged to my customer?

Yes. The Ticketbooth service fee and Stripe merchant fee is charged to the customer in the form of a booking fee, which is added on top of the ticket price. Both of these fees will appear to your customer as one ‘booking fee’ in the checkout.

Eg. $20 ticket + 2 Booking fee = $22 total cost to ticket buyer.

We can also provide you with the ability to set your own booking fee schedule, this allows you to increase the booking fee to accommodate for your own rebate. ( Please contact your account manager or email us at [email protected] for more information. )

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