Using Stripe Merchant To Collect Funds Directly

The following outlines how to setup a Stripe account to receive funds directly so that you can use ticket sales as cash flow for your event.

Step 1: Create a stripe account at or if you have one already got to step 2.

Step 2: Fill in your details to create your account, be as accurate as possible as you maybe required to provide documentation to Stripe confirming these details at a later date.

Step 3: Create your account using a secure username and and password. Once this has been created stripe will lead you to its dashboard.


IMPORTANT : Ensure  your stripe account has been activated before proceeding any further! – Instructions on activating your Stripe account can be found here : Activating Your Stripe Account

Step 4 : Click on API from the left hand side menu. (below)

Step 5 : Click on “Reveal My Secret Live Key”.

Step 6 : Copy and Paste your Live Secret Key into the relevant Ticketbooth form (as provided by your account manager or Ticketbooth contact).

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