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Printed Tickets

Ticketbooth services thousands of events Australia wide with thermal printed tickets. Our printed tickets feature numerous security features allowing your gate and entrance staff to quickly identify fraudulent tickets.

They also have the added bonus of being able to be verified with our iPhone and Android scanning app alongside any online ticket allocation sold with Ticketbooth.

Ticketbooth Hologram Security

All Ticketbooth tickets feature a discrete holographic Ticketbooth logo in the upper right corner making it easy to spot fraudulent tickets.

Low Cost Per Ticket

Ticketbooth offers one of Australia's lowest printed ticket rates, helping you keep your event within budget.

Free Printed Tickets Quotation

Complete the form below for a free quote, we we will get back to you within the hour.

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Printed Event Tickets From Ticketbooth

Printed tickets make selling out event easier.

Ticketbooth prints over 100,000 hard tickets a year for event organisers Australia wide, our attention to detail and custom designs make them a real asset to your event branding and give your fans a fantastic reminder of your event.

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Keep track of printed ticket inventories

Ticketbooth’s printed tickets are integrated with our online sales platform, allowing you to keep accurate counts of printed tickets issued for your events.

Easily accessible via the dashboard your event overview screen will show a complete breakdown of hard tickets that have been exported and printed for your event, ensuring you’ve never left with an oversold event.

Tracked Printed Event Tickets Via Ticketbooth Dashboard

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Custom Designed Ticket For BOCA Printer

Bring your own Boca printer.

Currently using Ticketbooth box office? We can have your ticket template uploaded to your account so that you can print your own tickets directly from the box office system.

Perfect for large venues or events that need to print tickets on the fly.

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Choose from various ticket designs.

Ticketbooth makes adding your event logos, sponsors and other information on printed tickets a simple exercise.

Custom Designed Printed Event Tickets

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