Reserved Seating

Set up your event’s seating plan to suit your customers.

You have the freedom to choose whether your event will be General Admission or Reserved Seating depending on your specific needs.

Full Reserved Seating Support

Here at Ticketbooth we don’t just do general admission events, we also sell tickets to seated venues catering from a couple of hundred right up to tens of thousands of tickets.

Custom Seating Plans
Keep it simple for your customers and upload your custom seating plan to the dashboard ahead of time.

Pick Your Own Seat
Allow customers to choose which seats they’d like to purchase from an accurate map of your venue.

Support for venues of all shapes and sizes

Ticketbooth will help you create and manage a seating chart that mirrors your actual venue. Adjust row angles and curves and even include tables if required.

Never A Bad Seat In The House
Ticketbooth’s venue map allows you to reflect your venues layout more accurately than ever before, saving you from complaints and creating happier fans.

Perfect For Tabled Events
Our seating system now supports tabled venues perfect for galas and dinners with tabled seating.