About Ticketbooth

Ticketbooth leads the way in providing innovative event ticketing and
marketing solutions to hundreds of events across Australia, New
Zealand and Europe

Years of experience

Ticketbooth boasts a team of highly experienced specialists in the event and ticketing industry, combinig over 40 years experience in the field who have worked on some of Australia‘s biggest and most prestigious events.

Coupled with proven, internationally renowned technology capable of processing over 10 million tickets every year, you can rest assured that your event is safe in the hands of our team.

Supporting clients from grassroots to lights-off

Ticketbooth follows event organisers in every step of their long and arduous journey: from setting up the venue, seating plans and arrangements, to ticket promotions and sales, real-time management, and finally onto data analysis and planning their next event.

We are happy to share our years of technological, marketing and analytic experience to help make events grow bigger and fans happier.