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Here at Ticketbooth, we believe in creating tools that help to streamline your event planning and make your life easier.  Introducing AudienceTools, the first-of-it's-kind marketing platform designed to harness your reach and grow your event's audience, helping you sell more tickets.  Engage Your Fans Welcome to 2017, where harnessing social media is the key to selling out an event.  Between Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Pinterest, we want to help boost your social exposure and turn your fans into…

July 16th 2017


Why You Should Use A Spotify Playlist To Promote Your Event

  What Is Spotify? Spotify is a Swedish music streaming platform that allows you to listen for free to any type of music and artists. This online service gives you the opportunity to browse music,…

January 27th 2017


Know Your Audience with Customer Segments

We are excited to introduce you to our powerful new feature called Segments! Segments is a completely re-imagined functionality for the Customer tab that allows you to easily identify, group, and organise customers based on…

January 16th 2017


UberEats Food Delivery Discount Coupon Promo Code – Australia

Download from iOS Store or Android Store now. Ticketbooth has formed a partnership with UberEATS giving all Ticketbooth customers with the latest UberEats discount codes, deals, coupon codes and offers. Get the food you want, from…

December 16th 2016


Timelines – The Latest Function In Reporting Tools

As an Event Marketer, the key of your event marketing strategy is to know your audience. Detailed insights into your fans’ purchasing behaviour allows you to understand which marketing campaigns work best with which audience. In…

December 5th 2016


Are You Ready For The Next Generation Of Event Marketing?

For the last few years Ticketbooth has worked with some of the largest event organisations. As a result, we have grown our suite of marketing-focused tools in order to improve better promote their events. Event…

December 5th 2016


Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Sziget & More: How Top European Music Festivals Use Social Media

Even though not all music festivals use social media regularly and effectively, the majority are out there on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Vine... - you name it. For those who are active on…

April 5th 2016


The Survival Guide for Long Live Event Days: Tools and Tips to Keep You Going

Live events can last a week with days of 10 hours or more. Think about summer festivals and industry conventions. In order to stay healthy and focused for the whole time, you need to start…

March 24th 2016


50 Awesome Free Tools For Busy Event Planners

There’s not enough hours in your day are there? You’re being pulled in 500 different directions at any given minute. And, you’ve got to try and remember exactly where you’re up to with getting your…

March 23rd 2016