Why You Should Use A Spotify Playlist To Promote Your Event

A Spotify playlist could be the extra step you need to promote your event above the rest. It’s a free, fun and easy exercise that shows your community that you understand them and that your interests align. Here’s how you can do all that!

What Is Spotify?

On the off chance you’ve not heard of Spotify yet, it’s a Swedish music streaming platform that allows you to listen to an enormous catalogue of music from your favourite popular (and obscure!) artists. This online service gives you the opportunity to browse music, create playlists and share what you are listening to on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Spotify has a total of 100 millions active users, in over 60 countries.

What a spotify playlist looks like

Why create a Spotify playlist to promote your event?

While Spotify is a proven awesome service to listen to music, browse the latest charts, discover new artists, and share through social media, there are a few reasons why it’s something you should start considering for promoting your event.

1. Build excitement

As an event marketer, Spotify is an amazing tool to build community hype and excitement. This particularly makes sense for concerts and music festivals – you can easily promote your event through sharing your artists’ music. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement too! Your attendees can discover artists they didn’t know and then see them live at your event. It’s also very simple to integrate them into your social media pages.

2. Increase your followers

If your followers are interested in your content and like your Spotify playlists, they will start sharing them. The excitement you can generate through Spotify and social sharing will help you increase your followers, your database, the traffic on your event website and social media pages, as well as your ticket sales!

3. Build a community

One of the best features on Spotify is the ability to create playlists and share them. By carefully curating it, you can have your playlist be the one playing at offices, businesses and parties all over the world. You can also spread the work and love with others by creating collaborative playlists.

Bonus: Spotify audience targeting


Spotify for brands infographic

Spotify Audience Targeting is a platform that allows brands to connect with Spotify users. It’s an innovative solution that allows companies to tap into Spotify data to reach the right audience.

Therefore, Spotify for Brands makes it possible to target very precisely audiences on Spotify using segments like gender, age, language, localisation and what they are listening to (genre, playlist). It is even possible to target the time of the day they are listening music.

This feature can be really relevant for music festival or live music venues, as it makes it possible to target people listening the exact same kind of music as the one of your event, by targeting either the artists they listen to or the playlists.

To learn more on playlist targeting, please visit Spotify page.

How do I register?

Creating a Spotify account is super easy and will only take a couple of minutes. You can either register with your facebook page or with your email address. For more information you can visit their website here.


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