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Event Marketing

Ticketbooth provides you with world class event marketing tools.

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Facebook Advertising For Events - Conversion Tracking

Deep Integration With Facebook Advertising

Conversion Value Reporting

Once connected to your Facebook advertising account Ticketbooth will automatically begin reporting sales data back to Facebook so that your event marketing team can quickly see how much revenue their latest campaign has brought in.

Segmented Reporting Data

Ticketbooth gives you fine grained control of pixel placement and marketing objectives providing your team with highly accurate sales attribution data.

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Automate Your Social Marketing

Boost Your Viral Exposure

Designed to be used throughout your announcement and pre-sale period, our application platform simplifies your data capture and registration process, making it easy and fun for fans to use.

Promote Social Activity

Boost your social media exposure by giving fans the opportunity to win complimentary passes, or a VIP experience with our points based application form.

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Let Attendees Help Promote Your Events

Social Sharing For Events

Offer your attendees the chance to work back some of their ticket price by sharing your event with family and friends. Each attendee is generated a unique link to share that attributes any sales directly from their ticket price.

Minimum sale amounts help protect your bottom line while still encouraging fans.

Incentivise Attendees To Share Your Evnet

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Push Sales Further With BoostedTix

Event Marketing Of The 21st Century

Reserved for qualified ticketing clients BoostedTix really is the event promotion platform of the future. Designed for festivals, exhibitions and venues BoostedTix makes managing a fleet of promoters simple for anyone.

Simple Commission Management

Boostedtix allows you to generate coupons or trackable links for your entire promoter database. Specify commissions or rewards programs and Boostedtix will take care of the rest. Automatic Payouts, Promoter Profiles and Management and even rewards badges to encourage them to promote harder.

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Integrated With Industry Leading Advertising Tools

All of the integrations with none of the cost.

Ticketbooth makes integrating with tools such as facebook or google analytics as simple as copy and paste. Ticketbooth ensures that all your sales data is correctly reported to any third party tools ensuring your sales/revenue data remains accurate.

Over 200 Integrations

Ticketbooth currently supports integrations with more than 200 analytics and marketing services such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Livechat just to name a few.

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Email Blast For Ticketing Platform

Built in Email Marketing Platform.

Want to keep your customers informed?

Ticketbooth makes reaching out to fans easy with our email blast tool! our WYSIWYG editor makes designing emails a breeze and our email platform ensures that your remain fully SPAM-ACT compliant and avoid upsetting fans.

Looking to integrate with another tool?

Your customer database remains accessible 24/7 and is easily exported into mailchimp, campaign monitor or other 3rd party email tools for greater emailing power.

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Powerful Coupon Management.

We’ve designed the coupon management system to allow fine grained control of assignments and limits so even the most demanding of promotional setups can be achieved.

Hype Up Fans and Ticket Sales

Pre-sale coupons are a great way to encourage early purchases and reward fans who join mailing lists and loyalty programs

Manage Complicated Campaigns

The coupon system allows complex coupon arrangements that span multiple events and price levels whilst retaining specific uses and ticket limits stopping potential abuse.

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Keep Engaged With Your Fans.

Relationships Matter!

Ticketbooth maintains a full customer CRM for every ticket buyer, find a specific customer using search or via your guest list to see all their purchases along with any notes from Ticketbooth or your own staff.

Reward your loyal customers.

Ticketbooth’s CRM features a full customer tagging system allowing you to segment important customers or even blacklist certain attendees from purchasing tickets to your events.

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Use custom e-tickets to aid your marketing.

Market Your Other Events!

Every print-at-home ticket contains two advertising spaces that can be used to promote sponsors, upcoming events or even important event information.

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Keep your message uniform.

Ticketbooth prompts the user to share a common message and help your event break through the marketing noise.

Customise The Message Your Fans Promote

Write a custom message for your fans to promote when sharing on Facebook and Twitter to help keep your message strong and start trending.

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Join the event marketing experts.

Ticketbooth powers thousands of events Australia wide, with millions of tickets sold each year.

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