Online Ticketing

Sell tickets to your event with Ticketbooth – it’s easy and free!

Ticketbooth makes it easy to manage your event’s online ticket sales from anywhere, at any time. Ticketbooth has all the tools you need for secure online ticket sales: powerful cloud infrastructure, constantly tested security, and full control of your online ticket sales. From posting events, and changing prices and inventories, to customising and scheduling reports, everything is there when you need it.

Total ticketing management

For everything from table seating and group sales to coupon management and application forms, we provide a complete set of features for any type of event.

Happy ticket buyers

Make ticket purchasing more convenient for customers with mobile ticket delivery and beautiful event pages that work on any device and your own website.

High demand, high standards

Our engineers rigorously test and optimise our system for seamless customer experiences, even during high-volume on-sales when thousands of transactions are happening at the same time.

No cost to you

We charge a small fee per ticket that 90% of our clients pass on to their ticket buyers. Most organisers pay nothing to use our service.

Beyond Online Ticketing

Powerful and customisable reporting tools

Ticketbooth empowers you to make better decisions with a wealth of real-time reporting data. Take an in-depth look at your ticket sales, financial data and overall event audit to ensure you’re on top of how your event is tracking.

Create custom reports, allowing you to dive into your captured sales, ticket and customer data

Identify trends to enhance future marketing efforts

Tailor Reports to your specific needs

Plan ahead with scheduled reports

A flexible system designed for all event setups

Does your event span across multiple days and/or times? No problem! Ticketbooth’s Event series builder allows you to sell tickets for specific time slots, so you can control capacity, monitor attendance and ensure a smooth customer experience from date of purchase to event day.

Sell tickets online or at individual time slots

Empower customers to easily filter and search available inventory

Control event capacity and eliminate wait times

Monitor event attendance for every day and time slot

Interactive Reserved Seating Plans to suit your event

Ticketbooth supports both general admission and reserved seating events. With seated events, you can allow your customers to choose their own seat, or automatically have the system place them in the best available seats!

Create a complete digital replica of your venue during checkout

Offer the best available and seat browsing

Sell tickets by tables, rows, VIP sections, and standing-room only

Make quick edits, adjust price levels, and manage inventories

Customisable Event Pages

Your ticketing, your brand! Promote your event with your branding with Ticketbooth’s customisable event pages. Our ticketing platform makes it easy for you to quickly customise your event pages, even if you have no programming knowledge, ensuring a professional and user-friendly ticket purchasing experience.

Build customer trust in your brand and add that extra level of professionalism to your event ticketing. All our event ticketing pages are designed to look great on desktop, tablet and mobile, ensuring that whatever device your customers are on they can purchase event tickets hassle free.

Customise everything about your event page

Simplify and speed up the purchase process

Create multiple pages for the same event

Showcase important event details, like location, cost, and time

Integrated Box Office Solutions

Ticketbooth’s box office solution is tightly integrated with our online ticket sales which ensures reporting data, ticket sales inventory and staff access remains synchronised throughout the entire process. Get your staff trained and ready to go in just minutes, then start selling those tickets on-site!

Make faster point-of-sale transactions at the door

Accept attendee donations alongside ticket sales

Sell multiple ticket types across all your events

Accept multiple payment methods and store detailed records of all transactions

Upselling Made Easy

Promote your other events and sell tickets and merchandise effortlessly. Leverage Ticketbooth’s Upsell feature to cross-promote upcoming events, keeping your audience engaged and increasing the visibility of your brand’s diverse offerings.

Sell additional items to customers during checkout

Capture more data on customers’ purchase patterns

Maximise your revenue with bonuses like merchandise

Promote your other events easily to sell more event tickets online

Easy admission on-site

Elevate your attendees’ event experience with technology that puts convenience and security at the forefront. Our e-tickets make onsite admissions quick and hassle-free.

Give attendees flexible ticket options

Simplify ticket sharing for attendees

Store attendee tickets in easy-to-find spot

Use our integration with Apple Wallet

Accelerate onsite admissions, by scanning a single barcode per order or one barcode per ticket

RFID for Data-Rich Experiences

Revolutionise your events with Ticketbooth’s Attendee Network System – where technology meets efficiency, ensuring you create a seamless and data-rich event experience for both organisers and attendees alike.

Streamline your admissions process

Manage and control massive crowds

Equip attendees with the ability to instantly scan into your event

Connect attendees with vendors and sponsors

Collect data on attendees and their behaviour

Ready to Elevate Your Events with Leap Event Technology?

Start selling tickets online today with Ticketbooth. Leverage our experts’ industry knowledge and get tailored best practices to transform your event from start to finish. Our friendly support team are here to ensure you and your customers have the best possible experience.

Available around the clock, we provide assistance and training with creating and putting your events on sale, communicating with your attendees, and advising best practices. From event operations to customer service, the success of your event is the top priority for every team member.

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