RFID For Events

RFID Access Control & Event Activations

RFID is the next leap forward for event technology. Welcome guests more quickly, while securing your entrances and monitoring capacity. Create new experiences for attendees and help your exhibitors. Upgrade your next event with our powerful RFID system.

Enhance patron access and event security

Save time while getting your fans through the gates. RFID wristbands allow you to seamlessly manage entry and exit to different event areas, over multiple days – all whilst helping to eliminate ticket fraud and improve on-site security.

Capture Critical Patron Data
Our RFID solution allows you to capture admissions statistics as they occur in real-time, helping to provide actionable data for staffing and event positioning.

Say Goodbye to Ticket Fraud
RFID is inherently far more secure than paper tickets, the chip found inside the wristband or badge is uniquely tied to the customer’s purchase ensuring it can only be presented once.