The Ultimate Event Technology Solution for Agricultural Field Day Events

Ticketbooth is the online ticketing platform you’ve been looking for! We have all the tools you need to make your event ticketing seamless; from online ticket sales all the way through to the day of your event, we have the technology and expertise you need in one place.

Multi-day event ticketing

Exhibitor application forms

On-site box office

Fast and simple scanning

Easy and customisable reporting tools

Event day support

Timed Entry Ticketing

Automated ticket exchanges for customers

Customers can easily filter and search available inventory on the day of their choice, and they will also have extra peace of mind with our self-service exchange feature, which allows them to easily exchange their tickets themselves for another date or time. Less manual work for you and your team!

Multiple days and/or times? No problem!

Our ticketing software allows you to create and sell tickets online for specific days and time slots, so you can control capacity, monitor attendance and ensure a smooth and complete customer experience from the date of purchase to event day.


Collect and Store Applications

Streamline the process of creating, collecting and storing applications from exhibitors, attendees or vendors. All the necessary information you need is captured and organised efficiently, which minimises manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, making it easier to create and manage large volumes of applications for your events.

Manage Special Ticket Offers for Exhibitors

Create, promote, and manage special ticket offers such as discounts, early bird pricing, or exclusive access to certain tickets online, and automate the distribution of these offers via the event’s application portal, ensuring that eligible participants receive the right promotions at the right time!

Let Exhibitors or Members Request Tickets Prior to Your Event

Through Ticketbooth’s application portal, you can allow exhibitors or members to request event tickets online before the general public, and set limits on how many tickets each person or member can buy. You have the ability to approve or deny applications as needed, which helps in managing event capacity and ensuring that key stakeholders have guaranteed access to the event.

Integrated Box Office Solution

Stay Synchronised

Ticketbooth’s box office solution is tightly integrated with our online ticket sales which ensures reporting data, ticket sales inventory and staff access remain synchronised throughout the entire process.

Powerful Solution, Simple Setup

Ticketbooth box office has been designed from the ground up to be simple for staff while remaining powerful enough to handle even the most challenging venues and events. Get your staff trained and ready to go in minutes, then start selling those tickets.

Quick and Simple Reconciliation

Generate end-of-day reports, outlet statistics and reconciliation data with box office data seamlessly integrated into organisational reports.

Scanning technology

Fast and Simple

Ticketbooth’s event admissions technologies have been perfected over years of on-site experience across all imaginable environments, so we can ensure you and your customers will receive an optimal event day experience.

Flexible Options

Our ticket scanning app is compatible with operating systems such as iOS and Android devices, meaning you can turn any mobile device into a fully functional ticket scanner. Alternatively, you can hire our professional hand-held laser scanners for an ever faster and more efficient check-in process at the gate.

Reporting & Analytics

Custom Report Builder

Create custom reports and deep dive into your captured data so that you can identify trends to enhance future marketing efforts.

Scheduled Reporting

Automate recurring reports and have them sent right to you so that you can receive accurate and up-to-date event data when you want.

Customer Segments

Segment customers with similar spending habits or attendance, and gain a deeper understanding of your ticket buyers so that you can create highly targeted remarketing campaigns and sell more tickets.

Event Day Support

Team Up with Our Experts and take advantage of our technology and support resources to ensure you’re fully prepared for event day.

On-Site Staff Assistance

Enlist our professional staff to assist with on-the-ground operations. Our team can help troubleshoot technical issues, handle attendee enquiries, and ensure all your entry gates flow seamlessly.

Personalised Training

Receive personalised training tailored to your event’s specific needs. Our training sessions are live and cover a wide range of topics, including navigating the ticketing system, building your events to suit your needs, and using our box office system and scanners so you’re ready to go on event day.

See why Ticketbooth is the preferred event ticketing system for event organisers!

Agfest, TAS

“Ticketbooth continues to elevate our Agfest Field Day, year after year. Their intuitive platform and dedicated support team ensured a hassle-free event with overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees. Having their staff on hand during the field day is absolutely invaluable.

Farm World, VIC

“For the past seven years, Ticketbooth has been our trusted partner, delivering exceptional service and support. Their seamless ticketing operations have made organising our Field Days event remarkably simple, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, VIC

“Each year, Ticketbooth are wonderful to deal with. The customer service is exceptional; any questions we have are promptly and courteously addressed. What truly stands out during the event is the great staff on hand. They are professional, friendly, and ensure everything runs smoothly. I highly recommend Ticketbooth for a seamless and enjoyable event experience!”

We are proud to be a Corporate Affiliate Member of Agricultural Shows Australia, and a preferred supplier for AgShows NSW and Victorian Agricultural Shows