How to build hype for your event using Facebook

Gone are the days of relying on flyers to promote your event, social media is here to stay and Facebook reigns as the leader of all platforms (for now!). If you don’t have a Facebook event set up, your event is being missed by millions of scrollers.

Once you’re set up however, Facebook offers a world of possibilities for managing your community and building up hype for your upcoming event. At Ticketbooth, we work with some of the biggest event organisers not only in Australia, but globally, and have collected some great knowledge around how you can generate excitement and engagement with your community. 

Without further ado, see our top 5 tips for hyping up your event:


Have your important information clearly visible

Limit the amount of time you need to spend answering guest questions by providing a clear source of key information. The ‘About’ section is a perfect place to inform people of what, when and where your event is, how to buy tickets, and any general FAQs.

You can also make a post on your event page with updates and then pin that post, allowing for a flexible way to let your community know of any updates they should keep in mind.


Post actively in the lead-up to your event

Your community is interested in what you have to say, so tease out interesting information as event day draws nearer. For example if you are hosting a music event, consider posting artist bios showcasing their talents and passion. This has the added bonus of generating engagement as your community comments on their favourite acts. An active event page promotes an active community.


Collaborate with other event organisers to promote both your events

Grow your community by talking to your allies (and maybe even competitors!) in the same industry. If you’ve helped them with anything, try and get a shout-out, and in the interest of fairness, vice versa. Make a fan of one a fan of both.


Behind-the-scenes is the dream

You’ve put so much work into your event, show that off! People are interested in what happens behind closed doors so invite them to appreciate your efforts. A simple picture of your staff at work can do wonders for your engagement and show that you’re an event worth revisiting. 


Posting doesn’t stop on event day

While you don’t want to spam your guests with irrelevant information, a thank you post can be a great way of receiving thanks in reply. Show your guests that you love them and they will love you back. After-videos are an amazing way of reminding attendees of the fun they had and they will often share this video with their friends to show off and persuade them to join in next time! 


Whether your event is once a month or once a year, growing a community is key to success. Develop a reputation for a well organised and committed event and you will quickly find yourself getting back far more than you’ve put in. 

Ticketbooth offers a host of tools and support towards helping you make your event the best it can be. Why not let our team help you:

  1. Use our Facebook Pixel integration to gain deep insights into your audience and guide your future marketing efforts.
  2. Set up a social checkout, letting your guests buy tickets using their Facebook, Twitter, or even Spotify accounts.
  3. ‘Gamify’ your event page, incentivising your fans to become promoters, follow and share your social channels, and gain points for each ticket they sell.

Be sure to check out to see more of how we can help you market your event. Contact us here or email [email protected] to find out more.

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