Host Your Virtual Event With Ticketbooth

Can’t host a live event right now? Throw one online! We’re seeing hundreds of conferences, concerts, and classes make the move online and connect with people across the globe. Ticketbooth is now pleased to announce the release of our innovative virtual events solution, where you’ll be able to reach new audiences, gain deeper insights, and monetise your online events. By combining our ticketing, event management, and marketing tools with a way to control access to your streams, our solution gives you everything you need to create, promote, and generate real revenue from virtual events.

Read on as we walk you through the benefits of utilising our platform to host your virtual events!

Maximise Your Revenue

Our solution allows you to control how you want to sell access to your virtual event: set price level tiers, one flat price, or take advantage of options such as donations or ‘pay-what-you-want’ with a suggested price. You can also build extra revenue through additional upsells like merchandise or exclusive video content, all on the same event page.

Streamline Your Event Management

Tailor your event all from one place. Add event branding, variable price levels, donations, and descriptions to our customisable virtual event listings, as well as control how guests access your stream. When your attendees use their unique link, they’ll find a custom pre-event screen showing the event details and a clock counting down until start time.

Expand Your Reach and Engagement

One of the strongest benefits of an online event is access to a global audience. Host your event from wherever you choose and create a memorable experience! Want to make your event interactive? Incorporate our chat functionality. At the end of the event, include a personalised thank you message and drive further engagement with a call-to-action.

Gain Valuable Insights

Generate powerful attendee insights with the data collected before and during the virtual event to better understand your audience and enhance marketing campaigns in the future. In addition to the marketing tools native to the Ticketbooth system, such as marketing pixels and analytics; the unique access code let’s you track who is attending your event. Just like a conventional ticket, this code provides access and also ensures that each code can only be used for one concurrent stream.

Ready to take your event experience online? Reach out to our sales team here or email [email protected] and use our platform to create a virtual event your guests will never forget!

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