Why You Should Use a Box Office System at Your Next Event.

There are many handy tools available today that can help with ticket sales, but one in particular that you should be using is a box office system. A hardware-less web-based system like Ticketbooth’s is perfect for processing ticket sales at your event, no matter the size. Plus, because it is web-based, it allows you to share inventory with the online allocation, ensuring that you’ll never oversell your venue.

On top of this, here are some other good reasons why you should use Box Office!


When you utilize the box-office system, we record all sales information per box office user. This comes in handy at the end of the day, as it makes it easy for reconciling the till and any eftpos units you may have. As you probably already know, automated reporting makes any job at least a little bit easier.

Inventory Control

As the box office pulls tickets from the online inventory, it will ensure that smaller or super-popular events don’t oversell. This is essential for a few reasons, but especially because overselling could unfortunately lead to damaging consequences for your brand by infringing upon licensing arrangements you may have. In addition, overselling can cause potential safety issues for patrons when they attend the event, which you certainly want to avoid.

Taxation Purposes

The box office will automatically generate a full breakdown for customers on their receipt. It will include the relevant tax information as well as any additional information that you are legally required to provide the ticket holder with. Receipts can either be emailed directly to the customer upon purchase or conveniently printed with the use of a receipt printer.

Entry Control

When you issue tickets via box office, each ticket generated has a unique barcode that can be scanned alongside online tickets. This allows you to place the box office away from your entry gates and then have new ticket buyers simply present their ticket alongside the online buyers. Furthermore, this ensures you have accurate admission numbers for sales data, not to mention security and regulatory purposes.

Customer Data

The box office also makes it quick and easy to grab a customer’s data when they make a purchase. The nice thing is that it’s not mandatory to capture data such as an email or a postal address. That way if your box office starts getting behind, your staff can make the call to just process tickets without registration data, thereby keeping the lines moving along quicker.

Now that you know what this system can do for you, it’s time to try it for yourself and see how much easier handling event ticket sales can be. To learn more about it, checkout our informative page on the hardware-less box office that powers your ticket outlets!

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