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Timelines – The Latest Function In Reporting Tools

As an Event Marketer, the key of your event marketing strategy is to know your audience. Detailed insights into your fans’ purchasing behaviour allows you to understand which marketing campaigns work best with which audience. In…

October 5th 2016


Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Sziget & More: How Top European Music Festivals Use Social Media

Even though not all music festivals use social media regularly and effectively, the majority are out there on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Vine... - you name it. For those who are active on…

April 5th 2016


The Survival Guide for Long Live Event Days: Tools and Tips to Keep You Going

Live events can last a week with days of 10 hours or more. Think about summer festivals and industry conventions. In order to stay healthy and focused for the whole time, you need to start…

March 24th 2016


50 Awesome Free Tools For Busy Event Planners

There’s not enough hours in your day are there? You’re being pulled in 500 different directions at any given minute. And, you’ve got to try and remember exactly where you’re up to with getting your…

March 23rd 2016


50 Awesome Event Posters To Inspire Your Own

1. Position your headline for impact By including a headline that is positioned right across the page, eyes will be attracted towards what your event is all about, like this cool Wonderland festival poster. 2. Use…

March 15th 2016


20 life-saving time management tips for event professionals

It seems like you work all the time, yet still you have tons left to do the evening before a big event. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? “Busy” is the default mode of most event professionals.…

March 1st 2016


Boost Your Guest List: 30 Industry Hacks From Professionals

It’s every organisers fear, right? That nobody is going to show up to your event. It’s just this feeling in the pit of your stomach you can never shake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a…

February 23rd 2016


20 Pro Event Branding Tips For Running Your Next Event

When you’re lost in the midst of planning every minute detail for your event, chances are you could overlook the most important aspect of all - building a powerful brand that speaks volumes about who…

February 18th 2016


30 Money Saving Techniques For Planning an Event on a Budget

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: Throwing an event can be really expensive. Even the simple things, like napkins or invites that you think would cost pennies, can soon add up to…

February 5th 2016


15 Expert Ways To Promote your Event On Twitter

You want it, don’t you? That awesome feeling of searching your event and seeing that it’s trending on Twitter. That hundreds upon hundreds of people are talking about it. And, it’s all because of the…

January 13th 2016


Event Planning Cheat Sheet

Whoever it was that said cheaters never win probably never had to plan an event! Had they done so, they would've realized that that there are actually some circumstances in which cheating is almost required…

December 10th 2015


Promote Your Event By Live Tweeting

When promoting practically any kind of event nowadays, live tweeting can basically be considered a necessity. Whether it's a concert, conference, convention, or nearly anything else, keeping people posted on up-to-the-minute action is important. For…

December 2nd 2015